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Rohingya Education Board of Arakan

Focus on Education to Develop the Nation


We believe that true excellence in education requires a commitment to equity and social justice. Thus, we strive to be a community of learners where curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovation are celebrated and where students are engaged to explore their own pathways to success and make sure critically reflective graduates possess deep knowledge in their core subjects of study and work collectively to achieve high quality and certified education for all.


To work together to create a dynamic, inclusive and respectful learning environment that supports and encourages individual achievement and well-being as well as creates opportunity for all Rohingya people to be productive and responsible in society, capable of competing in the global economy and motivated to pursue lifelong learning.


  • Put learning first and implement an education development plan:
    Its to build a culture of initiative and innovation at all levels of the schools, playing an active role in the community, regional and wider developments in education.
  • Provide safe and secure environments:
    Provide a safe and inclusive environment that supports and protects the instructional learning time of students and staff. Which would refine health and safety practices on a continual basis in order to ensure classrooms, schools, office spaces and/or other workspaces are acceptable.
  • Deliver a high-quality education:
    Provide flexible and innovative options for service delivery to ensure all children have access to quality education and training programs.
  • Use innovative programming and technology:
    Create a system-wide ‘Framework for Learning’ (F4L) that supports the enhancement of global competencies and deep learning, including leveraging digital, in teaching and learning environments.
  • Provide a balanced education in core subjects:
    Plan successfully and manage learning programmes, and the curriculum so that all children and learners get a good start and are well prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment.